What is a Professional Ceramic Coating?
- A Professional Ceramic Coating is a sacrificial layer of protection for your paint and other surfaces, with high durability. These type of Ceramic Coatings usually come with 5-6 or 8-10 year options. With increased durability the need for a more technical application techniques through training and experience become necessary as well. For this reason- High Durability, Professional Ceramic Coatings are only available to certified installers. - The Best Professional Ceramic Coatings, in addition to Great durability, have intense depth of gloss and aggressive water beading properties. As a bonus, System- X Ceramic Coatings offer CarFax registration and Ceramic Coating Performance Warranties for both Auto and Aircraft. - A Professional Ceramic Coating has a price tag of anywhere from $900-$3,000 for a standard size vehicle. Done correctly This actually saves you money and time between a period of only 3-5 years! —How? Proper traditional exterior auto care requires thorough cleaning, Clay Bar decontamination treatment than waxing.. Each time.. (3-4 times per year) year after year! This is ALLOT of rubbing action on your paint, ALLOT of opportunities for micro scratches that dull Your paint & ALLOT of time if your doing this yourself or quite a bit of money if your regularly paying a professional for upkeep. While the Ceramic Coating is on your vehicle, no wax should be applied. It’s simply - not needed. The protection and gloss stay, and make that cleanup trip thru the touchless laser wash or hand wash in your driveway a beautiful and delightful process. - Ceramic Coatings Increase the longevity of the covered surfaces by guarding against UV ray damage, and by providing an extremely hydrophobic surface- making Road and environmental contaminants easier to wash off, instead of bonding to and damaging your clear coat.
What A Ceramic Coating is not!
- A Ceramic Coating is not Scratch proof. While it is highly durable & scratch resistant, it can develop scratches and therefore requires proper and regular washing, along with a recommended yearly maintenance visit. - A Ceramic Coating is not a cure all option for existing unsightly swirl marks (micro marring) aka-spider webbing that’s visible on many vehicles in Alaska. This is why many professional installers include a Paint Enhancement Polish or Option of Paint Correction before installing the ceramic coating on your vehicle. - A professional high quality Ceramic Coating does not come in a spray bottle. Also, professional grade Ceramic Coatings cannot be regularly brought from the manufacturer and installed without being Certified. - Ceramic Coatings do not change the color of your paint protection film, paint or wrap. They add ease of cleaning, increased longevity of surface preservation & depth of color. Sign up below, get your estimate and save it!