Exterior Detailing
So.. our vehicles have oil change recommendations and all kinds of other maintenance info. What about care of the exterior? Thankfully you found your way to this page! Exterior Basic Washing : [multiple times weekly and definitely after consistently driving in the rain]. Be sure to dry your vehicle using a MicroFiber Towel or forced air. Cotton towels and other fabrics easily drag dirt particles and other contaminants across your paint clear coat causing Scratches to the surface - AKA micro marring.
Clay Bar Decontamination/Tar Removal: (2-4 times a year or each time before waxing, sealing or any other coating is applied to your vehicle) This process removes tar and other contaminant buildup from your paints clear coat. See above picture- left side decontaminated VS right side buildup is still there. If your doing this process yourself: For the love of all that is shiny, please keep in mind to use automotive Clay and lubricant. (I’ve seen people use the backside of a dish scrubbing sponge and destroy the paints clear coat on the vehicle)
Wax & Sealant (2-4 times a year) Paste Wax, which can last up to a few months, is a traditional and simple way to help guard your vehicle from road grime sticking to your paints clear coat & add gloss to your ride. Sealant is a good option since it lasts longer than wax. (it cures harder) Expected life of one coat of a good sealant is 4-6 months. If applying one of these yourself, be sure to use Clay bar treatment on the painted surfaces before application. Covering road grime & other contaminants with wax or sealant is harmful to your clear coat and does not allow the wax or sealant to adhere properly to your paints clear coat- meaning it won’t last as long as it should. For longer lasting care options, check out the Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings page in the link below