What is Paint Correction?

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Paint Correction

Simply put, Paint Correction is Getting the roughness off of your paint and leaving behind a buttery smooth surface with a deep mirror like reflection with minimal to no light marring or swirls left behind.

Notice the two photos above, these swirl marks and micro marring can be the effects of improper washing and drying techniques over time, using cloth drive thru washes instead of touchless laser washes, using cotton towels or other materials for drying, instead of microfiber. Specifically notice the black painted car above, the light circular swirl pattern could have been caused by someone untrained using a machine polisher and attempting to perform a paint correction on the vehicle

A more technical explanation of paint correction is, 

the process of taking micro-marred, swirl heavy or hazed paint or clear-coat and machine compounding or wet sanding the surface until the paint or clear coat is smooth and the micro marring or other inconsistencies fade. Many times followed by the machine polishing stage to further enhance and rid the paint or clear-coat of holograms and hazes left by the compounding process.

After spending a full day or more.. (a lot of TIME) bringing the paint back to life, Ceramic Coatings protect the surface for years from further micro marring and environmental contaminates. Permanent sheen and ease of cleaning are where Ceramic Coatings take the spotlight.

What is Paint Enhancement?

Paint Enhancement is recommended when your vehicles paint is in good condition but could use extra gloss and depth of color. This process is the recommended minimum before applying a ceramic coating. It usually entails a less aggressive method of machine polishing. For most personal vehicles the paint enhancement machine polish can be done in a single day instead of two.

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