“BTW.. When shipper inspected the truck at pick up, they said it was the best the paint has looked on a black vehicle...” — (Comment from the owner of a black Ford Raptor upon shipping there vehicle from Anchorage after a correction & 6 month sealant coating)
Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Benefits: -Greater Ease of exterior cleaning -Unsightly swirl marks are greatly diminished or eradicated -Vehicle Paint enhanced vs “from the factory” look -Intense glossy “glass look” -Easier to clean since contaminants find it harder to bond -Safer / More light reflection = easier for the eye to notice your vehicle = less likely for someone to say, “I didn’t see you” -Protects your coated exterior from damage due to UV, bug acid, acid rain, brake dust, salt, road grime & other contaminants -Plastic trim is protected from unsightly fading & dulling -Extreme Hydrophobic properties, driving in the rain & snow becomes an experience you almost look forward to/if you don’t already.(it’s when you see more protection properties, especially on your windows) -Increased value should you trade in or sell your vehicle Interior Coating benefits: -Increased longevity of coated material -Clean with ease -Protects from dirt, oil, grime buildup on your leather steering wheel, seats & arm rests -Resists salt buildup -Increased value should you trade in or sell your vehicle -Pen marks, shoe marks etc. no problem- you’ve got a shield - IGL coating products maintain leather & fabrics original color & texture, breathable, low VOC (less ethyl methyl bad stuff) no odor once dried.
Prices Quoted below are for a coupe sized vehicle (Mustang, Corvette, BRZ)
Correction, Polish with 3 year Ceramic Coating starts at $1,199
Paint Enhancement Polish with Ceramic coating starts at $799
Full detail with Interior steam cleaning, Exterior clean, Clay bar treatment & application Wax or Sealant starts at $399
New Vehicle Enhancement & Coatings Package Interior: Detailed and Leather or Fabric seats coated with IGL breathable Ceramic infused coating that is repellent to oil, water, stains & UV damage. Exterior Paint Enhancement with Ceramic coating. Plastic trim, headlights, rim faces and lips, headlights- all are coated with nano/ceramic designed specific for each material (metal, plastic headlight cover plastic Trim) for maximum bonding and protection.
For a quote, please include your NAME, CONTACT NUMBER vehicle MAKE & MODEL WHICH SERVICE interests you